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Poncha Springs IRS Audit Defense

As a taxpayer, it is very daunting to think about doing business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), especially if you are filing your taxes and other financial records. If you get a letter from them, you might immediately panic because of the no-nonsense actions done by the agency against taxpayers who have committed tax offenses.

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But, if you find yourself getting a notice from the IRS, especially for an audit, you shouldn’t panic. The IRS does these audits to ensure that you have done your taxes correctly and wish to clarify with you if they see any questionable entries on your records. To give you peace, you can seek the help of a legal team to help you prepare and sort out the issues that may be discovered during the audit.

If you are scheduled to undergo an audit, don’t hesitate to contact Defense Tax Partners‘s Poncha Springs IRS audit defense team to assist you. Our team will help you review your financial records and explain the audit process, so you’ll know what to expect as it proceeds. We will also represent you during the audits and negotiate with the IRS to resolve the issues that arise after the audit.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

The IRS does tax audits regularly to determine if a taxpayer files their tax returns correctly and there are no issues in their financial records. The financial documents of each taxpayer included in the audit will be subjected to various methods, like computer analysis or a close review done by an IRS agent.

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If you are included in the IRS audit, our Poncha Springs IRS audit defense team can help you prepare and stand by you during the audit process.

The IRS can conduct the audits through the following methods:

Correspondence audits begin with the IRS sending a request letter to the taxpayer, listing the required documents the taxpayer needs to present to the agency. The documents will be reviewed by the IRS agent to check if there are issues in the returns. During this audit, the taxpayer’s medical expenses, charity contributions, and miscellaneous expenses are reviewed.

Office audits happen in one of the IRS’s branches across the state. The IRS will notify the taxpayer about the time and date of their audit, as well as the documents they need to bring. If you are unable to attend the audit at the given time, the taxpayer may ask for a reschedule.

During the office audit, the IRS agent will check the documents you will bring and evaluate them. Medical expenses, business expenses, rental income and expenses, and interest expenses will be checked.

Field examinations are done by revenue agents who will visit your office or home to check your taxes and examine your assets. This type of IRS audit is usually ordered for returns that have errors that require closer investigation. The IRS will send a letter or call the taxpayer for the scheduled visit and inform them about what documents to prepare. Taxpayers may request an examination location transfer if they cannot commit to a field examination.

Tax Audit Defense

The IRS routinely does an audit to ensure that everyone is filing their taxes accordingly. If you find yourself included in the audit, don’t panic because you can get legal assistance to guide you through the audit and prepare everything needed.

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At Defense Tax Partners, you can be assured that our Poncha Springs IRS audit defense team will walk you through the audit, from explaining to you your rights during the audit to serving as your representative. We will also give you all the legal resources and advice you need to make the best legal decisions during the audit if there are issues that are discovered. Once the issues are resolved by our team, our legal team will even help you protect your finances and prevent any tax issues from happening in the future.

If the audit discovers any issues that have major legal implications in your financial records, our tax audit defense team can file an appeal and resolve it with the IRS. We will also prepare the documents needed to get it resolved and fight passionately for the best result.

Tax Audit Legal Support

Our Poncha Springs tax law firm is always ready to assist, even at the very moment, you get your tax audit notice. Our lawyers will take a look at your situation and provide you with the legal support you need to get through the IRS audit stress-free. We will create a strong defense based on your financial situation and negotiate directly with the IRS to get the issue resolved.

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Aside from our tax audit legal service, we also offer the following at Defense Tax Partners:

1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Bank Levy Removal
5. Offer in Compromise
6. Wage Garnishment Removal
7. Penalty Abatement
8. Innocent Spouse
9. Passport Reinstatement

Our tax lawyers can guide you through both state and federal tax law, and our track record is one of the best in the state. No matter how severe your tax offense is, our team will do our best to sort out your tax issue with no or lighter penalties incurred.

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When you find yourself included in the IRS tax audit, don’t panic because it is just a routine check the IRS does to check if the taxes are filed correctly. If there are some issues found in your tax records during the audit, you can get it sorted out with the help of a trusted Poncha Springs IRS audit defense team.

With us at Defense Tax Partners, rest assured we would do everything in our power to help you throughout the audit, and if there is an issue, we will speak to the IRS to clear the issue. We will also answer all the questions you may have so that you can prevent other tax issues from occurring in the future and understand your finances better.

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