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Taxes are inevitable. One cannot just escape a problem with taxes, which is probably one of the toughest situations every adult may face. There are many complicated rules revolving around taxes, from federal law to state law. Each taxpayer has to constantly worry about following those rules in order to avoid facing penalties. And if you fail to manage your tax issues, you might need to deal with dire consequences.
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If you are having trouble with your taxes, all you need to do is get a legal expert’s help. Defense Tax Partners is a top-notch law firm with a special team of tax law experts. We are adept in fixing any type of tax issue, from the smallest auditing preparations to the biggest tax fraud crimes. We make sure to offer the full force of our legal resources to get the best outcome for each of our clients.

We cater to individuals or businesses. No matter how complicated or difficult the tax situation is, you can count on us to help you out. We are here to provide all the legal services you need, from representation to document management. If you need a Ward tax attorney you can trust, Defense Tax Partners is the right choice for you!

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How a Tax Attorney can Help You

Handling tax issues can be a very overwhelming experience, especially for first-timers. It demands an adequate amount of knowledge about federal tax laws, state tax laws, and the processes of the IRS and other tax authorities. If you want to have a good chance of resolving your tax problems, you need the help of experts.

Defense Tax Partners is a leading law firm specializing in tax laws. We have a highly trained and competent team of legal experts with a lot of experience helping clients from all walks of life fix their issues with the IRS. We are ready to provide every legal service our clients need, from legal representation to tax management.

To ensure the top-notch quality of our work, we make sure to have a close look at each of our clients’ cases. Once we get the full picture, we create the best possible strategy out of their tax problem. We see to it that each of our clients is protected and well-informed throughout their legal journey, especially if the IRS and other authorities need to conduct their proceedings with them.

Prepare For and Contest Tax Audits

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The IRS audits taxpayers from time to time. It doesn’t happen to anyone. But if it happens to you, chances are it’s because of several unique reasons, like bankruptcy, business loss, or discrepancies in your tax returns that the IRS might find questionable.

Once the IRS contacts you for an audit, you can immediately call us for a Ward tax attorney to help you out. We can aid you in understanding an auditing process, preparing for it, and how to face the IRS during the procedures. We are also here to analyze your financial records to figure out why the IRS chose you for the audit.

All your legal documents will be checked and studied by our legal team, making sure we submit the complete requirements on time. If you need representation in court or with the IRS, we are also ready to be your lawyer.

Civil Penalty Relief

Civil penalties are the result of failing to pay your taxes on time or declaring the wrong amount of taxes. These problems are a common situation among many taxpayers. So if you find yourself in such a dilemma, our legal experts can easily help you out.

The gravity of civil penalties largely depends on the severity of the case. Failing to pay your dues after an audit will get you a 0.5% penalty each month you don’t pay. A 5% to 25% will be charged to you each month if you fail to pay by the deadline or fail to pay at all. While declaring a wrong tax return by a large degree of error will get you a 20% additional payment of the amount you underpaid on top of the original tax amount.

If you get a Ward tax attorney, you will have much better chances of convincing the court that your mistake was excusable and that you deserve lesser penalties. Defense Tax Partners is here to spend all our legal resources to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Settlement of Federal & State Tax Disputes

Tax laws have different applications for individual citizens, businesses, corporations, and non-residents of a locality.

tax settlement and tax levyThere is also the major factor of state and federal laws. Taxpayers must be able to satisfy both fields of law in all their taxation activities, making tax problems a common dilemma for many Americans. If you think you got in trouble for failing to meet the regulations of either the state or federal law, Defense Tax Partners is here to help you out.

We are experts in every tax law environment there is in the country, whether it’s federal or Ward. It is very easy to get lost in the middle of all the regulations. But with Defense Tax Partners, we can even help you even in the smallest issues of your income tax returns.

We guarantee you a top-tier Ward tax attorney to help you get rid of your tax issues. We will do our very best to get you the most optimal result, whether to clear your name of any bad financial record or lessen your penalties.

Negotiations on Non-Filing of Taxes Violation

Getting suspected of tax evasion or tax fraud is a very serious charge that can lead to life-changing consequences if not handled properly. With all the confusing laws and processes, you will need an expert in such situations.

Misdemeanor cases result in fines and additional court fees. Felonies have much harsher penalties with hefty fines and long prison time.

If you’re charged with tax fraud or evasion, you are at the mercy of the courts. You need a skilled Ward tax attorney to help convince the court that you are innocent of the charges or that you deserve less punishment. Here are some of the arguments that are typically used to justify certain misconduct with taxes.

  1. Honest mistake
  2. Entrapment
  3. Insufficient evidence

Regardless of the complexity or difficulty of your situation, Defense Tax Partners is here to stick it out with you. We will offer the full force of our legal resources to get you the best results out of your tax issues.

Reliable Tax Lawyers

Handling tax problems on your own is not an easy task.

Tax AttorneysThe law is as unforgiving as it is confusing with all its jargon and hard-to-read syntax. You need an expert to guide you through all the tax laws relevant to your case as well as the processes of the IRS. With Defense Tax Partners, you can expect that we will review your case thoroughly while helping you understand your situation as much as possible. We want you to be fully informed about your case so you can make the best decisions.

Aside from excellent legal advice, we are here to offer every legal service that you will need, from managing your documents to representing you in front of the IRS.

Defense Tax Partners is here for you if you need help in the following cases:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Bank Levy Removal
5. Passport Reinstatement
6. Offer in Compromise
7. Audit Representation
8. Penalty Abatement
9. Innocent Spouse
10. Wage Garnishment Removal

You can trust that the Ward tax attorney who will handle your case is top-notch in the field. Our company has a high success rate, ensuring that we employ the highest level of our services in each tax case that we handle. All we need from you is to tell us everything we need to know. Rest assured that all information will stay confidential.

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Need protection against tax investigations? Or perhaps this is your first time facing a minor issue with the IRS. Don’t worry. All you need to do is contact a Ward tax attorney from Defense Tax Partners, and all your problems will be handled by seasoned experts. Let us make your journey significantly easier as we handle all your legal needs, from sorting out your documents to discussing with the IRS about your case.

Just let us know what you need, and we will immediately begin working on solving your case as soon as possible!

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